GCC doesn't do anything, not even printing an error message !

Tristan Nowak Tristan.Nowak@nefkom.net
Wed Dec 5 12:04:00 GMT 2001

I'm trying and trying but I can't figure out, what I'm making wrong.
If I run gcc, e.g. "gcc hello.c -o hello" it doesn't print any messages, as
if everything went fine,
but it never produces an executable. If I give it a code full of errors, it
doesn't even complain and it
never prints an error msg. or sth. else. It's also strange that I can
produce object files with e.g.,
"gcc hello.c -o hello -c" or assembler files with e.g. "gcc -S hello.c -o
hello", even if I intentionally
write errors in the c code.I am sure that I have installed every package
necessary. Here is an list:
ash, bash, binutils, bison, byacc, bzip2, clear,
cygwin,  diff, file, fileutils, findutils, flex, gawk, gcc,
gdb, gettext, grep, groff, gzip, inetutils, jpeg,  less,
libpng, login, make, man, ncurses, opengl, patch,
perl, readline, regex, sed,  sh-utils/shellutils, tar,
tcltk, tcsh, termcap, texinfo, textutils, tiff, time,
unzip, vim, w32api, zip, zlib.
If desperate, can anybody help me?

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