Debug version of cygwin dll

Peter Buckley
Wed Dec 5 13:17:00 GMT 2001

Ah. I guess that would be the wrong part :-)
I don't ever build inside the source tree. I don't install the source, I 
just download it, and I manually extract to 
srcdir=/cygdrive/d/compile-dir and then

cd /cygdrive/d/compile-dir
mkdir build

I just assumed (and I know what that does, sorry) that people would use 
the /usr/src default location where the source was installed, and not be 
silly like me and create their own separate directory for compilation. Ha!

I stand corrected,

John Peacock wrote:

> Peter Buckley wrote:
>>I don't do the "make install" part- is that the wrong part? Otherwise
>>the part about
>>cd srcdir
>>mkdir build
> The first line in the FAQ on rebuilding the tools:
>   Note: You must build in a directory outside the source tree. 
>                                       -------
> Note, _not_ below the srcdir.  Just because you haven't had a problem doesn't
> mean that your way is the correct way.
> John

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