dll not found, bad entry point problems

Bob Calco rcalco@cortechs.com
Wed Dec 5 13:31:00 GMT 2001

Hello all:

I'm a windows guy, trying out this Cygwin thing. I downloaded cygwin on both
my laptop and my desktop, with all the devel tools and such and a bunch of
utilities. I'm having problems on my laptop -- which has the same version of
just about everything as my desktop -- that I'm not having on my desktop.

1. Typing "vim [enter]" in the bash shell (to attempt to run the VIM editor)
warns me ominously that "The procedure entry point bind_textdomain_codeset
could not be located in the dynamic link library cygintl.dll".

2. Typing "cvs -? [enter]" in the bash shell (to attempt to run CVS help (or
any other CVS option)) complains that "The dynamic link library libgdbm.dll
could not be found in the specified path.

WRT # 1, this is not a problem on my desktop.

WRT # 2, I did a search for the libgdbm.dll on both machines and found, in
both cases, the libgdbm.dll.a file in the <cygwin>/lib directory.

My desktop's cygwin drive is C:\cygwin and my laptop's cygwin drive is

Any ideas why I'm having these problems? Both machines are Windows 2000 Pro,
both have much the same configuration, though if anything my desktop has
more crap on it, owing to its larger Harddrive.

Thanks in advance!

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#* Senior Software Engineer
#* CorTechs, Inc.
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