experimental texmf packages

Billinghurst, David (CRTS) David.Billinghurst@riotinto.com
Wed Dec 5 22:47:00 GMT 2001


I have successfully installed your texmf packages using setup.  I just put
your files in my existing downloaded files and edited my existing setup.ini
to add the texmf-* hints.

Simple tests for tex, latex and dvips work.  I will have a play over the
weekend and see what I can break.

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From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen [mailto:janneke@gnu.org]
Sent: Saturday, 24 November 2001 12:24 
To: cygwin@cygwin.com
Subject: experimental texmf packages

Hi List,

This week I've taken a quick stab at packaging a texmf tree that goes
with the tetex-beta in contrib, so you'll need that too.

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