latest snapshot fixes xemacs problems

David Rothenberger
Thu Dec 6 18:21:00 GMT 2001

The latest snapshot does fix all the xemacs problems that have been
reported.  The little test program I wrote also returns reasonable
results for all the cases I reported.

Thanks a bunch, Christopher!


Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I think I at least fixed the problem reported so succinctly by
> David Rothenberger.
> Since I didn't have an actual test case for the other problem, I
> could only take a stab at what it could be, but it's possible that
> problem is fixed, too.
> My availability is, again, rather limited in the next day or so,
> so don't panic if I don't respond to further bug reports.
> If this snapshot solves the problems, I will release a new version
> of 1.3.6.
> cgf

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