latest snapshot fixes xemacs problems

Christopher Faylor
Thu Dec 6 21:52:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 06:57:39PM -0800, David Rothenberger wrote:
>I am unable to repeat the problems you've described.  I tried with the
>cygwin-inst-20011206.tar.bz2 and with a DLL I compiled myself from the
>latest CVS sources.  The only real differences I can see are that I'm
>using textmode mounts and my CYGWIN value is a bit different.

Bingo.  CYGWIN=check_case:adjust or CYGWIN=check_case:strict caused
a problem.

I was thrown off because I thought this was a new problem but there was
also a problem with these in previous 1.3.5 versions, too.

I'm still mystified as to why anyone would want to use these settings
since they should slow down cygwin noticeably.

They were added for a contract but I didn't think anyone would ever
really want to suffer the performance hit.

I'm uploading a new snapshot, now.


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