ghostscript binmode weirdness

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Fri Dec 7 06:31:00 GMT 2001

At 11:56 PM 12/6/2001, Gregory W. Bond wrote:
>i cannot get ghostscript to generate non-corrupted pdf files unless
>everything is happens on binmode mounts - is there no way that i can
>force binmode treatment on a text mount? i've read and re-read the
>cygwin manual and experimented with a zillion variations but nothing
>seems to work
>i've isolated the problem to the point when ghostscript writes the pdf
>file - if it writes the file to a textmode mount it is guaranteed to be
>corrupted due to the translation of LF to CRLF - i can't seem to prevent
>this from occurring even when the CYGWIN var is set to binmode prior to
>launching any cygwin shell - i wish i could move all my mounts to
>binmode but this will screw up too many other things - anyone have any
>suggestions for me?

Best suggestion - port ghostscript properly so that it always writes 
binary files where it needs to.

Everything else is just a hack to avoid this eventuality...

Good luck,

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