Strange performance of Bash depending of current directory

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Fri Dec 7 06:59:00 GMT 2001

At 08:00 AM 12/4/2001, apiic wrote:

>Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:
>>At 05:56 AM 11/30/2001, apiic wrote:
>>>At first, thank you for CYGWIN environment which is so useful, specially for me to settle shells both on NT stations et UNIX stations. I ask about a strange problem about Bash performances
>>>of scripts depending of the type of NT local directory.
>>>I maintain a bash profile running on NT4 station with CYGWIN and on IRIX station. This profile is stored on UNIX (IRIX station with Samba) server.
>>>Some users complaint about low performances of this profile running on their NT4 station.
>>>I found that all users complaining got their home directory on UNIX station (net use with Samba).
>>>The others got their home directory on NT station.
>>>So I wrote a little script and tested it, first in local directory and second in Samba directory. Here is the result :
>>>1) Running script in local directory (c:/users/<username>)    2 seconds
>>>2) Running script in share directory (net use Samba)          4 seconds
>>>Script :
>>>for ligne in $(mount | grep system | tr -s [:space:] | sed 's/ /,/g' )
>>>   path=$(echo $ligne | sed 's/,/ /g' | cut -f1 -d " ")
>>>   point=$(echo $ligne | sed 's/,/ /g' | cut -f3 -d " ")
>>>   echo $point monte sur $path
>>>It appears that performances of scripts depend of the current directory in which they are run. I made several tests and it seems that variable HOME
>>>and variable PATH have no relation with this behaviour.
>>>I read FAQ and Mailing list archive without any answer about this problem
>>>Thank you for helping
>>The overhead of network access is not insignificant with Cygwin.  Putting
>>network directories in the path can have a significant performance impact
>Thank you for answering.
>Unfortunately, it does not help me. Is there any way to improve performances
>regarding current directory or the path with CYGWIN ?

Putting directories that you use frequently earlier in your path is 
sometimes a help for long paths.  If directories you use frequently are
network paths, this may not prove helpful though.

>By the way I made further tests and I found that NT network directories are faster than Samba network 
>directories. I use Samba 2.0.5. Is there any tuning to do with Samba to improve my CYGWIN environment

Not that I know of off-hand.  You can check the email archives (or the 
source! ;-) ) for possible settings for the CYGWIN environment variable 
that might help here.  I seem to recall that there is one for SAMBA
specifically but I forget the issue it was targeting.  Just a guess
but I suspect your performance differences between your NT machines and
those accessed through SAMBA are based on network/hardware differences.
I could be wrong.  There are allot of potential differences here.  You
can check the SAMBA sites for SAMBA tuning information of course.

>Thank you again for helping
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