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Gerrit P. Haase gp@familiehaase.de
Sat Dec 8 05:58:00 GMT 2001

Hallo Robert,

Am 2001-12-08 um 03:51 schriebst du:

> BTW: Gerrit, if you post with a munged Reply-To: Address, could you
> please also Munge your 'readable version' to be something like "Gerrit
> Haase @ Cygwin" rather than just "Gerrit P. Haase"?

Yes, good point to avoid trouble.

I would prefer if the listserver would manage this and rewrite the Reply-To
Header regardless who is writing, so it points always to the list.

This is done at Yahoo lists and several other lists I'm subscribed to.
That is why I'm used to this behaviour.

A simple ctrl-r is enough then (with my mailer), and the reply goes only
to the list, now if I want to reply to the list I need to change the adress
everytime I want this (besides the few who have cygwin@cygwin as reply-to
header like corinna or chris).
To make it easier I hit reply-all and delete the adresses I want to exclude,
but it is annoying and often I send out a mail three times because I'm lazy.

I could make it easy and send always to all, but then you or Chuck and others
gets this message twice which isn't that good.

Also it was the case before I set the Reply-To on the listadress that I was
getting every reply from you or Chris and others to me twice which is annoying
too, with the modified reply-to I get these messages only one time.

As long it isn't handled by the listserver it is obviously the best option
for me to change the readable sender name and let the reply-to as it is now.


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