Cygwin Mail List Server Ports for NT

Gerrit P. Haase
Wed Dec 12 22:13:00 GMT 2001

Hallo Joshua,

Am 2001-12-13 um 00:18 schriebst du:

>     Has anyone thought of or done any porting work for any mail list servers
> to cygwin (something like majordomo or ezmlm)?  I found one ancient post in
> the archives from 1997 asking about a majordomo port, but not any replies.

I built mailman (just for testing, I don't use it), there were some problems with
permissions of files and directories, so the soucre will need some modifications,
but it should work.  Majordomo should be possible too, it is 'just' a Perl program.

> The general opinion appears to be that majordomo is a bear to configure with
> lag problems as well.  Would ssmtp be usable as the MTA?  I'm guessing you'd
> need something to receive the messages on the server as well.  Does anyone
> have any experience to share with GNU's Xmail?  BCNU//jle

It isn't possible to build Xmail as 'native' Cygwin version, but it runs as
Windows version, it is very fast.  The maker of Xmail (D. Libenzi) also has
a listserver in use that is 'listar', so this should work with Xmail and you
can ask him at his Xmail list for help, though I don't know if 'listar' builds
under Cygwin.


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