teTeX - fmt-Files not created

Jan Nieuwenhuizen janneke@gnu.org
Thu Dec 13 14:11:00 GMT 2001

<rabe42 at web dot de> writes:

> I'm new to teTeX on cygwin.

I'm in the process of providing a texmf tree for tetex.  Also, Jerome
is preparing a new tetex executables package.  So there is hope.

> But even then, I got no fmt files for latex, tex, etex, elatex or
> even the pdftex family.

That's strange.  Are you sure all necessary libraries are there?

> What have I to do, to get teTeX running?

You could try pointing your setup.exe to


or just run:


and install tetex-beta and at least one of texmf-tiny or texmf-base.
You don't have to install lilypond, of course.

This is all experimental, but there have been some success reports.

Maybe better if you'd uninstall tetex-beta first.  Please let us know
if it works.


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