network package problem ((

Peter Buckley
Fri Dec 14 13:10:00 GMT 2001

You only installed the latest inetutils package? It could be that you 
didn't install all the packages necessary to run ftp. Setup.exe has 
changed considerably lately, it no longer installs "all" packages by 
default. You must select each package manually to install it. It could 
also be that iu-config sets the default inetd.conf file to disable ftp 
by default (did you run iu-config?). Are you trying to run ftp as a 
service on your machine so you can ftp to your machine, or are you 
trying to ftp out?


llewellyn wrote:

> when i try to use ftp or telnet with newer version i got this error:
> ftp: ftp/tcp: unknow service
> with tftp also so its not tied to tcp service.
> but i can use tool like wget without pb. Any hint about that? what im 
> doing wrong.
> for info: I'm using cygwin for a long time a never have this pb, i didnt 
> change my configuration, neither install programs over the past few 
> weeks, I only install the latest package.
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