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Gerrit P. Haase
Mon Dec 17 04:41:00 GMT 2001


2001-12-17 12:03:22, du schriebst:

> What i have done:
>     under /etc, run 'iu-config' to generate some files.

iu-config asks if you want to install inetd as a service.
If you said NO here you need to install it manually.
$ inetd --install-as-service

> What to do next ??
>     inetutils..README says: login

> but where? what should have been done before 'login'?

Start the inetd service, then:

$ telnet localhost

login now with your username and password.

BTW, which Windows are you on?
I don't know how it works on Win98, search the docs and archives please
for information about this if needed.

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