setup.exe question/feature request

Robert Collins
Mon Dec 17 06:13:00 GMT 2001

On Mon, 2001-12-17 at 23:48, Pat Gunn wrote:
> Hi, didn't see this in the FAQ, and wasn't sure what to
> search for in the archive.
> Is it possible to make a manifest file of 'what to install'
> for setup.exe? I have a network of several boxen that ideally
> would have the exact same setup, with the installer able to
> run without manual package selection. If not, I hereby request
> this as a feature.

You can use the technique I described about 2 hours ago to do this (with
the next release of setup). BTW: file:// url's are supported for mirror
site locations.

Also if you were to contribute to the command line options work for
setup, that would allow script driven installs.


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