A Second OpenSSH Path Question

Bjoern Kahl AG Resy kahl@informatik.uni-kl.de
Tue Dec 18 00:16:00 GMT 2001


On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Karl M wrote:
> I have a vanilla install on a Win2k, SP2 machine.
> If I type
> ssh localhost which find
> I get the one in /c/WINNT/System32

> If I type
> ssh localhost
> and then type
> which find in the new session, I get the one in /usr/bin

> So again, why do the two methods produce different results?

 Because your first example do not run a login-shell and therefor
 do not run login-scripts ?

 sshd executes the given command without first starting a shell.
 (try "ssh localhost ps -el" and look for the parent process of ps)

 (If you run a script via ssh, then that script will be executet
  by a shell given in the first line of the script. But such a shell
  will never execute profile or any other loginscript (reading these
  files would break the original script).)

 "man sshd" suggested to try the $HOME/.ssh/sshrc or .../environment
 file to setup ssh-environment.


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