Possible bug in handling of BSS sections?

Julian Hall jules@acris.co.uk
Tue Dec 18 05:11:00 GMT 2001

Hi; I don't know whether this has been mentioned before, but I just had
a bug report for NASM, which I am one of the maintainers of, relating to
linking code assembled by NASM with the cygwin or mingw linkers.

I've done a little investigation, and have managed to rule out NASM as
the source of the problem; I attach a .OBJ file which was created by MS
Visual Studio.  When examined with the tools supplied with Visual
Studio, this object file contains a .BSS section of size 4; however, 
when viewed with 'objdump' under cygwin (GNU objdump 2.11.90), the BSS 
section has 0 size.

Beyond these symptoms, I really cannot hazard a guess as to the cause - 
my knowledge of the BFD library on which I understand the cygwin tools 
depend is minimal to say the least.

Hope this can be resolved easily though!

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