linking with glut32.lib?

Mark Sheppard
Tue Dec 18 12:11:00 GMT 2001


I'm trying to get a GLUT application compiled under cygwin and am
having a spot of bother.  I've got it going fine under Linux (my
preferred platform - I try not to touch Windows if I can help it), but
I'd like to have Windows users be able to run it too and Cygwin seemed
the obvious choice.

Anyway I've put glut32.{dll,lib} from and
{glu,opengl}32.{dll,lib} from
in /usr/local/lib and then tried to link it like this:

  gcc *.o /usr/local/lib/glut32.lib /usr/local/lib/opengl32.lib \
    /usr/local/lib/glu32.lib -lm -o program

but I get errors like this:

  whatever.o:123: undefined reference to `glutInit@8'

so am I right in thinking there's something wrong with glut32.lib?
All the references to functions in opengl32.lib and glu32.lib resolve
OK, but not any to the functions in glut32.lib.  How can I fix this or
is there a different glut32.{dll,lib} that I should be using?

Thanks for any assistance,

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