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Ching, Jimen Jimen.Ching@SpirentCom.COM
Wed Dec 19 12:11:00 GMT 2001

David Starks-Browning [] said:
>There is an entry "Why the weird directory structure?"  in the Cygwin
>FAQ.  Did you read it?  If, after reading the FAQ entry, you still
>have questions or problems, please report them to the list.

Apparently, this FAQ is accurate.  The problem is, there are files
installed into /usr/lib, which the mounts will override.  See below.

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) [] said:
>I suggest you remove any symlinks
>to for directories that setup.exe uses as mounts prior to using setup.  
>I expect that was your problem during installation of the latest Cygwin 

I did, and setup.exe recreated the mounts.  From the FAQ above, it seems
this is the expected behavior.  But it does not explain the files in
the original directory.  This is a list of those files:


I could not find any package that provides 'glut'.  Should I just delete
these files?

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