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Ching, Jimen Jimen.Ching@SpirentCom.COM
Wed Dec 19 12:43:00 GMT 2001

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) [] said:
>It is not setup.exe's expected behavior to put anything in /usr/bin and 
>/usr/lib.  It is setup.exe's expected behavior to mount <Cygwin install 
>dir>/bin to /usr/bin and <Cygwin install dir>/lib to /usr/lib.  Unless you 
>can provide more details of what you did, I have to conclude that you 
>I'd recommend getting rid of the files you list above and 
>installing the 
>OpenGL package via setup.exe if you want it.

setup.exe does exactly what you said it did.  I don't know how those
files got into the physical /usr/lib directory.  I removed them and
reinstalled opengl and everything is ok now.  Thanks.

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