RPM 4 under cygwin

Jean-Michel POURE jm.poure@freesurf.fr
Thu Dec 20 00:47:00 GMT 2001

> Since Larry didn't touch this, I'll respond.  Cygwin packages can be 
unpacked/interpreted/understood by a NON cygwin program (setup.exe is a 
native windows app).  ALL ports of RPM that I have seen require cygwin -- 
which means they cannot easily be used to install cygwin itself on a virgin 
system.  This is a serious drawback.

This clearly is a demonstration that cygwin would benefit from a static 
compilation option. I know this is not an issue for you all, but ...

Coming back to RPM, this would be so nice to issue this command:
rpm --rebuild --target=cygwin package_name.rpms to compile any existing 
apckage for Cygwin.

There are 100 times more Linux developpers than $Windows developpers. Why  
to reinvent the wheel with another installation format? Do you really think 
you can create a universal format including DEB and RPM? Then you need to 
produce more work than the creators of these formats. This is such a 
difficult project...

Best regards,
Jean-Michel POURE

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