How do I use a socks server with cygwin?

Thu Dec 20 07:25:00 GMT 2001

You're saying that by using the Hummingbird product, you can ssh through 
the firewall?  Can you elaborate how you did this?

Jason Tishler wrote:

>On Thu, Dec 20, 2001 at 09:48:07AM +0100, Niklas Morberg wrote:
>>I sit behind a corporate firewall and I'm looking for a way
>>to use e.g. cvs from behind the firewall. SOCKS is installed
>>on the firewall.
>I just experienced this "pleasure" myself when my (small) company was
>acquired by a large company.
>>How would I go about doing this in cygwin?
>Hummingbird has a free (as in beer) solution to this problem for Windows
>that works for Cygwin too:
>I have been using the above very successfully with the following
>    o Netscape Navigator [1]
>    o Microsoft Internet Explorer [1]
>    o Netscape Instant Messenger
>    o CVS (anonymous pserver)
>    o ssh
>    o ncftp
>    o wget
>    o curl
>    o dict
>[1] However, due to the benefits of a caching web proxy, I recommend
>configuring these applications to use such instead of SOCKS, if available.
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