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Naked Mail
Thu Dec 20 18:06:00 GMT 2001

Thanks for joining NakedMail, the finest adult-oriented email subscription service in the world!  Here is a summary of the benefits you'll now enjoy as a member:

*) 10 Free adult pictures sent weekly
*) Rare promotional emails with great 
   offers (no more than a couple a month)
*) Privacy - your email address isn't given 
   out to sponsors or advertisers
*) Quality - high quality adult images with 
   very little advertising and no pop-ups!

So sit back and enjoy!  Your first email will start in approximately 6 days.

If you are receiving this message by mistake or if someone added you to this list and you don't want to be here, simply reply to this message with the word "remove" in the subject line.  You will also have an opportunity to opt-out of this list via a link in every mailing. There are 5 days before we will send our first adult email to you. 

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