why doesn't setup.exe install everything?

Bernard Dautrevaux Dautrevaux@microprocess.com
Fri Dec 21 06:58:00 GMT 2001

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> Subject: why doesn't setup.exe install everything?
> On Tuesday 18 Dec 01, dean gaudet writes:
> > in the past it was trivial to do a full install.  now it 
> appears to be a
> > royal pain in the ass -- i have to click every package and 
> guess what
> > version i should be installing (the UI doesn't really make 
> it obvious what
> > versions i should be installing).
> Click the upper right button to get the "full" view and you don't have
> to muck around with the categories.  Then simply scroll down and click
> all "skip" icons twice to install the current version (the version
> will be displayed).  

The only pitfall in this is that you must not ALWAYS click twice, but
sometimes only ONCE. I don't remember which package was concerned but it was
related to the abscence of a source package (either because the package you
want to install IS a source package itself or because there is no sense in
one source package, because it does not contain anything but redirections).

> Indeed, a PITA, but only a lot of clicking the
> first time you run setup.  Thereafter, in full view, you just have to
> look for "skips" from new packages.  The ones that are currently
> installed will be updated by default from now on.

OK but its VERY simple to miss a "Skip" in a bunch of "Keep"s ;-(

> > could someone please update the FAQ?  and/or fix setup.exe?
> I'll do the former, but the latter is already underway.  If the latter
> doesn't happen fast enough for your taste, you could help.
> Regards,
> David
> (Cygwin FAQ maintainer)

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