inetd -- service wont start at boottime on Win XP (add me to the pile)

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Fri Dec 21 13:10:00 GMT 2001

At 05:31 AM 12/21/2001, Dr. Andrew Mayer wrote:
>Subject: inetd -- service wont start at boottime on Win XP (add me to
>the pile)
>Like many others, I can't seem to get inetd started at boottime as a
>service.  Without much effort I can get it to setup as a service set to
>'automatic,' but it wont start on its own.  After I boot and login I
>have to start it manually.  
>System is WinXP with latest Cygwin
>I've tried all the ideas I've seen from
>         inetutils-1.3.2.README, e.g., 
>                 --install-as-service
>                 cygwin1.dll in path
>         this mailing list, e.g., 
>                 Mark Himsley's add a dependency idea
>          Shawn Behrens' add a Description idea
>So far, nothing seems to work :(
>Here are my associated log entries from the "System" log (the error
>about inetd failing to start) and the the 'Application' log, showing me
>successfully starting it by hand.
>It turns out that I can't get sshd to boot-start either, probably for
>the same unknown reasons.  That's also fine as a hand started service
>invoked with cygrunsrv.
>Ideas anyone?

Sounds like there is another dependency that you're not getting 
implicitly on your system.  I have no idea what that dependency might
be though.  Sorry.

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