gcc not producing executables

Kiran Prakash kiran_prakash_2k@yahoo.com
Tue Dec 25 22:00:00 GMT 2001

I think this is important enough to get a mention in the FAQ,
that having different versions of cygwin1.dll on the path, for
example in the cygwin directory, could easily cause various 
miscellanous problems  (like no executables, improper resizing
or applications) etc. Currently it just says you shouldnt, but 
doesnt give indication of symptoms ...

Seasons Greetings,
	Kiran Prakash

12/25/01 10:11:43 PM, Syzop <syz@dds.nl> wrote:

>Thank you very much! It was indeed what you were saying :).
>Merry christmas,
>    Bram Matthys.
>Kiran Prakash wrote:
>> Im very unsure about this, but see if you have
>> various versions of cygwin1.dll hanging around
>> the place (possibly in windows directory).
>> IMHO, this causes many undefined errors.

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