stty and echo woes

Norman Vine
Fri Dec 28 13:16:00 GMT 2001

Mark Wood-Patrick writes:
>I removed the extraneous version of the cygwin1.dll from my path and
>rebooted my Pc. The problem still remains. An updated cygcheck 
>output is enclosed.
>Wednesday, 26 December, 2001 Mark Wood-Patrick
>MWP> I am having problems with echo being disabled after running certain 
>MWP> commands (e.g. man, less, tset). I am runing Cygwin DLL 1.1.8 on 
>MWP> windows 2k. My TERM variable ois set to cygwin.

Yikes, that is quite the $PATH
You might want to think about simplifing it a bit when working
in a Cygwin shell

what is the result of issuing
% which echo 



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