ls.exe shows windows system hidden files

Shankar Unni
Tue Dec 3 10:46:00 GMT 2002

Wendell Pinegar wrote:

> The MKS Toolkit for instance does properly ignore these file types.

Not surprising. The goals of the two products are somewhat different.

MKS is trying to make their environment look exactly like the native 
Windows. They have written most of their tools from scratch to call 
Win32 APIs directly, and give you a 100% Windows experience (except for 
a *very few* POSIX-y emulations like "/dev/null" as a synonym for NUL, 
and "/dev/tty" for direct console access). The few GNU tools they 
include (perl, etc.) are the "native Win32" ports with some MKS API tweaks.

Cygwin is trying to give you a true POSIX API and "look-and-feel". You 
get exactly what you get from POSIX - no more, no less (not much less, 
anyway :-).

Use the product that you feel most comfortable with. If you need strict 
Windows semantics for your tools, use the MKS toolkit. Sure, it's $650+, 
but you can get a very stripped-down but perfectly usable subset as part 
of Microsoft Services for Unix 2.0 (which is closer to $150 or so).

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