[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated cygwin package: rxvt-2.7.9-2

Michael Schaap cygwin@mscha.org
Tue Dec 3 14:27:00 GMT 2002

On 3-12-2002 21:53, Soren A wrote:
> Is there _anything_ that can be done about the cursor shape in rxvt? That 
> _od-awful block cursor that obscures the character lying under it drives me 
> nuts. Past messages on this List seemed to indicate in my reading, that 
> this wasn't reconfigurable -- that we are stuck with it. That alone would 
> make me not be infavor of rxvt becoming the default Cygwin terminal --even 
> tho I am using Win98 (part of the time).

I have the following lines in my ~/.Xdefaults:

Rxvt*cursorColor: orange
Rxvt*cursorColor2: blue

This makes the cursor easy to spot, and also keeps the character under 
the cursor fairly readable.
You can tune these colors to your own preference, of course.


  - Michael

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