Bash puzzle: Spaces, environment variables and tab completion

James Shaw
Tue Dec 3 22:09:00 GMT 2002

Hi everyone,

I have been using cygwin for several months, and
there is something that I haven't been able to
figure out how to do: effectively use spaces in
bash environment varibles.

I realize this is basically a bash question
and isn't cygwin specific, but I'm sure more
cygwin users have to deal with spaces in bash
than the typical bash user.

What I want to do is define an environment
variable so I can easily cd or ls.  E.g.
% PF="/cygdrive/c/Program Files"
% cd $PF
% ls $PF/Games
% ls $PF/G<tab completion!>

The above is close, I can
% cd "$PF"; ls "$PF"/Games; and even
ls "$PF"/G<tab> however, the quotes are clunky.

My kludge to avoid the quotes is:
% PF2="/cygdrive/c/Program?Files"
which allows cd $PF; ls $PF/Games,
but stops bash in its tracks on tab completion.

Since I would find this very handy, I've spent
some time on trying to make this work.  I've tried
various quoting schemes, but with no luck.

So, I ask the list:
        Can you define $PF so that cd $PF;
        ls $PF/Games; and ls $PF/G<tab> all work???

I usually like to puzzle these out for myself, but
in this case, I'm stumped.

Thanks for your help,

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