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Stuart Brady
Wed Dec 4 17:42:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 03:31:24PM -0500, Joseph Marcel wrote:

> I never considered the possibility that Cygwin could be unappreciated.
> Though, I'm sure the authors can get quite harried at times.

Cygwin is certainly great to have on my own boxes.

> Suffice to say, "Cygwin rocks!"  I have it on all my Windows machines,
> and constantly develop Unix-like scripts and utilities.  At work, we
> use it to create a "seamlessly" portable environment.  And, these are
> just a few of the simple things Cygwin can do ... ;-)
> Just starting to play with the X stuff ... it's great!

Indeed! I'd love to see Cygwin at uni, although I'm not sure whether I
can present an argument for its installation just yet. What I'm worried
about is the security and maintainability of a Cygwin installation.
(Even then, I don't know whether they'd consider my request.)

I remember reading on several occasions that a Cygwin process can be
tricked into running arbitrary code by another user. I realise that
there is only a limited amount of time that can be spent on the
development of Cygwin, but I'd be happy to know whether anybody has
any plans to work on this, or if it even matters in this case.

But none of this detracts from the brilliance of Cygwin; I'm still quite
amazed that Cygwin is even possible on win95! (I dread to think of just
how kludgey some of the code would have to be, though... :) )

My thanks to all of the developers and maintainers who have made Cygwin
so great.
Stuart Brady

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