Dr. Volker Zell Dr.Volker.Zell@oracle.com
Fri Dec 6 07:10:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Marco" == Marco Antonio <marcoantonio@london.com> writes:

    Marco> Hi all,
    Marco> I've been trying to find a free lpd for windows, and noticed that lprng was ported to cygwin. But in cygwin setup I can't find the lprng package. I found a link in cygwin site to download the port, but everytime I try to access the page I get an 'connection failed'. Is the port deprecated? Any help? Btw, the link that I tried is the following:

    Marco> http://ics-server.interface-net.com/~lbakken/lprng-cygwin.html

Hi Marco

I'm still using the lpd port on my machine and it's working perfect. If you want
I can send you the binaries offlist.

I can also try to find the patches to the lprng source. 

    Marco> Thanks in advance.


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