problems with CPAN and cygwin >1.3.12

Soren A
Sat Dec 7 23:13:00 GMT 2002

JoNO ZzZ <> wrote around 07 Dec 2002

> Going to build
> M/MS/MSISK/HTML-TableExtract-1.08.tar.gz
> Checking if your kit is complete...
> Looks good
> Unable to find a perl 5 (by these names:
> /usr/bin/perl.exe perl.exe perl5.exe perl5.8.0.exe miniperl.exe,
 in these dirs:
> /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin 
[... snip]

It is a problem in MakeMaker, which is calling to build the
module. It isn't strictly speaking a problem per se.

Try downloading the module package manually ( and
unpacking the targz ball, then cd'ing into the dir thus created. Follow
the traditional steps to build and install a Perl module from that point
(if you do not know what they are I strongly suggest that you RTFperlM).

Does the module build, test and install without hang-up?

Please do not forget that all support for all Cygwin packages, such as
Perl, is supplied by volunteers on their own time. Beyond the immediacy
of your desire to get something working for you, which isn't right now,
you will create better karma by manifesting a willingness to go to
greater lengths to work out some answers yourself. If you follow the
above instructions and still cannot install this module, then get back
to "us" (this List), we will all know more than before about what might
be wrong. If you leave it to someone else to take these steps you *may*
get a "free answer" eventually but you'll have done nothing for your
karma in the process. 

    Soren A

"So, tell me, my little one-eyed one, on what poor, pitiful,
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