GDB version of libbfd.a links to libintl.a incorrectly

Craig McGeachie
Sun Dec 8 22:09:00 GMT 2002

I have been building cygwin, and after a reinstall of the complete 
toolkit, I have run into problems rebuilding.  Only dumper.exe had 

I have resolved it, sort of.  In the process of linking dumper.exe, 
libbfd.a gets brought in, and it brings in _dcgettext from libintl.a.  
Or rather that's what it should bring in.  In fact it brings in 
_dcgettext__, which used to be the internal name which was aliased to 
_dcgettext__.  (note for pedents, I am playing fast and loose with the 
fact that the leading _ is an artifact of the compiler the standard C 
calling convention)

The resolution is that libbfd.a is included in both the gdb-20010428-3 
and binutils-20021117-1 packages.  The gdb version of libbfd.a wrongly 
imports _dcgettext__, and the binutils version correctly imports 

By reinstalling the binutils package, and overwriting the gdb version 
of libbfd.a, problem solved.

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