[ANN] cyg-wrapper.sh

Matt Armstrong matt@lickey.com
Tue Dec 10 08:59:00 GMT 2002

Luc Hermitte <hermitte@free.fr> writes:

> cyg-wrapper v2.2 has been uploaded on my web site:
>     http://hermitte.free.fr/cygwin/#Win32
>     http://hermitte.free.fr/cygwin/cyg-wrapper.sh
> cyg-wrapper is a shell script that helps to run, from cygwin,
> command-line applications that have been compiled for windows only ; ie:
> applications un-aware and independant of the cygwin layer.[1] 
> cyg-wrapper converts pathname arguments, passed to win32 programs, from
> the written form (unix/dos/windows ; relative or absolute) to the DOS
> (short [2] ; and absolute) form that win32 command-line programs
> understand.

Luc, you might consider adding an option to unset the PWD environment
variable (or convert it to a Windows path).

The Perforce (http://www.perforce.com/) p4.exe will barf if PWD is
still set to a cygwin path.

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