pipe improvements in snapshot

fergus@bonhard.uklinux.net fergus@bonhard.uklinux.net
Wed Dec 11 16:20:00 GMT 2002

W98/SE. With the current cygwin1.dll I tried
    time cat <hugefile> | nice -0 dd of=/dev/null
    time cat <hugefile> | nice --1 dd of=/dev/null
where hugefile ~ 100MB, and got times roughly 1m20s with the 2nd instruction
marginally faster. Then switched to the snapshot cygwin1-20021210.dll and
shaved a minute yes a minute off the times. Then tried creating new files as
    time cat <hugefile> | nice -0 dd of=hugefile2
    time cat <hugefile> | nice --1 dd of=hugefile3
(this took about 30s each) and checked md5sums. Not a byte out of place.
P.S. Thanks to thomas for these good diagnostic scripts.

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