Slowness on app startup after recent update (and yes I read the FAQ)

Randall R Schulz
Fri Dec 13 15:14:00 GMT 2002


Again, a good place to look is your environment.

This example suggests strongly that your HOME environment variable is 
simply "/". I think some code (in this case "cvs") blindly takes the value 
of environment variables that are meant to name directories and blindly 
appends a slash and whatever path components lead to the resource they're 
looking for. If that root or base directory name is just "/", this problem 

Also, note that repeated slashes are only a problem at the beginning of a 
path name. Elsewhere they're idempotent.

By the way, in output like the kind you've attached in the last two posts, 
it's a good idea to try to prevent line wrapping. If that's not an option 
with your mail client (or if the mail servers or list processors along the 
way are going to override your choice not to wrap long lines), then put the 
content in an attachment so it doesn't get mangled.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 13:42 2002-12-13, Ron Wood wrote:
>Somehow a // has been introduced into my system. Below
>is the strace to cvs.
>My path is,
>part of strace output,
>29888  117233 [main] cvs 2280 normalize_posix_path:
>src //.cvsrc
>   127  117360 [main] cvs 2280 normalize_posix_path:
>//.cvsrc = normalize_posix_path (//.cvsrc)
>    95  117455 [main] cvs 2280
>mount_info::conv_to_win32_path: conv_to_win32_path

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