can't manage to use "windows" command-line (C development)

Sat Dec 14 21:22:00 GMT 2002


While trying to do some C programs under cygwin, in order to launch usual
Win32 programs, I faced problem to launch them with arguments :

I explain : I want to launch "Pilot Install" from with a text
file (full path included) for parameter. I tried to launch it using a cygwin
shell, does not work... (argument is not understood by the program). From a
DOS Box (with properly arranged paths of course) : same thing ...
But when I enter the same command-line, as in the DOS Box, in the
Start/Execute Panel in the start menu : It works!!!

So my question is : is it possible in a C program under cygwin (I use gcc),
to launch such command lines? (like the "system()" instruction, but for

thanks in advance

Nicolas DUTEIL

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