Problems downloading and installing the basic package

Dmitry Epstein
Sat Dec 14 21:48:00 GMT 2002


I have Cygwin installed at work and I am now trying to install it at 
home.  Since I have a slow connection there, what I usually do is download 
the package at work, put it on a Zip or a CD-ROM, and then install from 
disk at home.  But I am having problems with the latest version of the 
installer.  Whenever I try to download the basic package (without changing 
any options, because I have no idea how) I seem to end up with a 
(different) incomplete set of files.  I've tried several download sites, 
but the result is always the same: after installation Cygwin doesn't 
function because some necessary files are missing (such as the bash shell 
or some DLL).  I read the documentation, but it doesn't explain much about 
the installer and its options.  Could someone please help me?

In addition, if I try to install to the root directory, the installer 
always crashes.  (Yes, I know that installing to the root directory is 
discouraged, but because of the strange notation that Cygwin uses for drive 
letters, installing to a directory other than root causes problems with 
some programs, such as Active Perl.)


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