Karthik Bala Guru
Tue Dec 17 08:24:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,
I think i can post about SDCC doubts here !!!

I have thought of using SDCC rather than the
KEIL cross compiler.

I have some errors that i get when i run the
KEIL program in SDCC .

1) FL.c : 96  parse error : taken -> ' ' : column 0
	The above error occurs in line 96 which
is not present in the program and is indeed the
line next to the last line of my program ...
What is the problem actually ?  solution plz !

2) warning : function 'printf' implicit declaration
	what is this warning ? why this ?? i have 
inclued stdio.h 

3) error : too many paramaters . 
	I get the above error for the line
printf("%f", mine1) . what is it ? what is the 
solution ?

Do reply and solve these tiny problems.
Thanx in advance
karthik bala guru

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