Packages' integrity

John Daniel Doucette
Wed Dec 18 05:38:00 GMT 2002


I just downloaded a complete set of packages.  After downloading them I 
tested to make sure there was no error in the download.  I used:

find . -name "*.gz" -exec gzip -t -v {} \;
find . -name "*.bz2" -exec bzip2 -t -v {} \;

I get the two following errors:

not in gzip format 
trailing garbage after EOF ignored ok

PS: A warning to those of you who are running Panda Antivirus Platinum: If 
you allow it to check compressed files it will hang on 
fortune-1.8-2.tar.bz2 and grab 99% of your CPU in doing so! (Win2000Sp3)

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