x-display setting -> ssh problem

linda w (cyg) cygwin@tlinx.org
Wed Dec 18 18:21:00 GMT 2002

I seem to have run into a problem.

I have been trying to chase down a case where when I use
'ssh' from bash from cygwin (98 or XP), when I was pressing
control-c, I lost the ssh session and ended back up at the local
cygwin prompt.  It's as if though the ssh session didn't trap the

Now this didn't always happen -- so I backtracked.  It seems to
boil down to whether or not I set 'DISPLAY' in my user ".profile"

I have various initializations that I want done for all users in

so my .profile only has:
# bash script
umask 007
export DISPLAY=localhost:0
	narrowed it down to manually setting DISPLAY, ssh, control-c -> kills
ssh session, but if display isn't set, it works fine.  

Any ideas why DISPLAY would cause ssh to not correctly process control-c's?


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