Can I download everything and install from local files?

Nathan Catlow
Thu Dec 19 04:10:00 GMT 2002

And I quote from "If you are adventurous (i.e. masochistic) 
you can also download the Cygwin distribution via ftp or http using some other 
program than setup.exe."

Yes you too can be adventurous and masochistic, with a bit of work. You 
basically have to mirror the relevent ftp site/mirror into a local directory 
and run setup from there.

Choose 'install from local directory' and when setup asks you where to store 
the downloaded packages, point it at the local dir where setup.exe resides.

Here is a Linux script that just does that. I don't know whether there is a 
windows equivalant of 'copydir'. I just rerun this script to update my local 
distribution and run setup.exe - works well IMHO.

copydir ./ \
	--exclude-regexp ".*\-src.*" \
	--keep-files \
	--verbose --verbose
copydir* ./ \
	--verbose --verbose

If you need to ask questions about this, forget it and use setup.exe in the 
supported way.



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