rxvt customization questions

Soren A soren_andersen@fastmail.fm
Thu Dec 19 07:48:00 GMT 2002

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:09:09 GMT, [mn] <svartsjel@gmx.net> wrote in 

> I've got some questions concerning the latest Cygwin version of rxvt.
> First, I played around with the .Xdefaults file a bit.

I, also, would welcome any discussion of how rxvt works on Cygwin. I just 
recently began using rxvt after a long period of resisting (I invested a 
great deal of time and effort into learning how make the native Windows 
console work optimally with bash).

the one thing that really pleased me was when i discovered in a marathon 
late-night Googling session, with considerable effort to interpret poorly-
written documentation, how to clear the entire rxvt console buffer and go 
back to (0,0):

  echo -ne '\033c'

thus one can alias:
  alias cls="echo -ne '\033c'"

  Soren A

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