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Bruce Eckel
Fri Dec 20 09:33:00 GMT 2002

The attached is the only one I seem to have, but I know there was
another one floating around which seemed a bit better. The problem
is that I don't know much about INF files (seems to be an arcane
knowledge) so I don't know how good/bad this one is, but I think
it's what I'm currently using. However, I suspect that if it was
added to the distribution there might be some folks who know more
about it that could fix it up. It really is a useful tool.

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On 12/18/2002 at 7:06 PM John Morrison wrote:

>> From: Bruce Eckel
>Hi, nice to see you somewhere other than the Apache FOP list ;)
>> I use the "bash prompt here" tool all the time, but I've had to
>> rely on some rather transient versions, and sometimes
>> approaches.
>It's not something I usually use, but...
>> I was hoping that you folks might consider putting a
>> one as part of the standard distribution, so everyone could
>> benefit. Just hoping...
>If you package it I'm sure it will be considered by the powers
>that be :)
>> PS: page 28 of the third edition of "Thinking in Java" sings the
>> praises of Cygwin.
>I'm sure good press is always welcome :)

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