Problem with less's output of man pages after update (ESC ...)
Fri Dec 20 14:34:00 GMT 2002

I had the same problem.  I fixed it by setting the env var 'PAGER'
as follows:

export PAGER='/usr/bin/less -r'

which, according to the man page, doesn't make a lot of since.  But, since
I was seeing by default what I believed to be associated with the '-r' 
switch, I figured I could toggle it off by providing the -r switch.

Seems to have worked.


> Hi,
> When I updated cygwin yesterday, everything works except for the formatting of
> manual pages.  When I do
> $ man man
> I get output that looks like (starting with the third line):
> ...
> and in general has lots of these ESC codes.
> haven't edited /etc/man.conf.   I don't have MANPAGER defined in the
> environment, and I get the same output with
{ snip } 

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