Perl package File::Spec confused under cygwin

linda w (cyg)
Fri Dec 20 14:38:00 GMT 2002

File::Spec is supposed to provide a OS independent way of parsing and
creating pathnames.  For example, a 'splitpath' can product a volume
$dir and $file.  

I'm not sure what constitutes a volume but I'd think C: D: would count
as separate.

Under cygwin, it only handles/parses unix pathnames but not native
windows pathnames 'c:\windows\filename' will yield a vol='', dir='' and
filename='d:\windows\filelname' -- not what one would expect.  Using
forward slashes yields: vdf='', 'd:/windows/,'filename'.

Further use to break down the directory path into components would
yield D: as a first directory and 'windows' as a 2nd level dir. 
Note that the forward slash has now disappeared indicating what I believe
to be improper symantics as d:windows != D:\windows unless d:'s curdir
is = to the root dir.

Guess when the module detects the OS type, it needs to have a separate
type for the cygwin environment.


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