what to use in g++ instead of GetOpt?

Ed ed@telestoconsulting.com
Sun Dec 22 00:39:00 GMT 2002

Randall R Schulz <rrschulz@cris.com> writes:

> Hello there, Edward, if that is your real name.

No, it's an alias.

However, my real name is, coincidently, Ed.

> Here's how it is, Ed...
> Real Programmers (tm) code to the bare metal. They don't use no
> stinkin' libraries. If you can't decode your command line arguments
> without some "support library" (a concept closely related to "support
> hose"), the Guild of Real Programmers recommends a nice job in
> investment banking where you'll never trouble your little head and the
> most damage you can do is to induce abject poverty and homelessness
> among the thousands of people who don't know about the only law that
> matters: Caveat Emptor.

Randall, back when you were a gleam in your parents' eyes, I was
programming computers. I remember how happy I was when my school got
our own modem. Finally I could stop controlling the computer by
whistling down the phone line. 

At that time there were only three computers in the United States. Two
of them were continuously occupied in playing "trek." The other was
kept open for playing "adventure."

Indeed, I remember when 1 was introduced to computers. Before that, we
only had zeros. Now *that* was programming for real men!

> Disclaimer: The author of this humorous missive writes mostly Java
> code these days, and hence would not know a Real Programmer if one had
> a heart attack right in front of him.

Java!?! That old thing? Why don't you move into the 21st century


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