permission denied for NTFS network shares

Genady Veytsman
Sun Dec 22 07:59:00 GMT 2002

It seems you are right. I tried to use RSH without ".rhosts", supplying 
password and then all the shares were accessible.
Now I just need to find a way to supply a password noninteractivly.
I know that "rexec" allows to do it on unix, but there is no "rexec" in 


 >Chris January wrote:

>>Unix/Linux systems are much more secure then NT but they do allow RSH
>>without password (using .rhosts).
>>Are you saying that there is no way whatsoever to have RSH without
>>passwords? I need it for running scripts/programs on different NT
>>machines. Interactive behaviour (login/password) will not allow that
>>since you can't hardcode your passwords in scripts.
> AFAIK you'll need to supply a password at some point. You could try using
> expect or something similar to pass the password through.
> Chris

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