permission denied for NTFS network shares

Pierre A. Humblet
Sun Dec 22 08:19:00 GMT 2002

Genady Veytsman wrote

> Are you saying that there is no way whatsoever to have RSH without
> passwords? I need it for running scripts/programs on different NT
> machines. Interactive behaviour (login/password) will not allow that
> since you can't hardcode your passwords in scripts.

If you are the only user needing to rsh into the system 
you could try to run the daemons under your own name
(cygrunsrv -u, read the README). You may also have to change
ownership of key files and such.
A more ambitious/risky project is to give privileges to create tokens
etc.. (see README) to a domain account and run the daemons under
that account. 
I have not tried any of that, let us know if it works.


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