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Igor Pechtchanski
Sun Dec 22 19:55:00 GMT 2002

On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, Ramon Boyd wrote:

> Good afternoon
> I have found a really useful software package for chemistry modeling but
> I need to install and run Cygwin to use it.  I don't understand how to
> run Cygwin.  Presently, I am running Windows XP on my system.  I
> understand the premise behind Cygwin as stated on the website.
> However, I find the list of compilation instructions confusing.  I
> appreciate the level of detail the website and detail with which the
> Cygwin program must run.  I am interested in focusing my time on running
> Ghemical.  I am less interested in knowing everything about Linux based
> systems.  That I leave to the experts.  Could you please tell me how to
> install Cygwin properly?  I understand that I need Gnome.  Could you
> also provide a hint at how I am to compile Ghemical?  I would greatly
> appreciate any assistance you could provide.
> Thanks
> Ramon

The cygwin mailing list is the proper place for such inquiries.  It is
strongly discouraged to send personal mail with such requests, and they
will, in general, be ignored.  I've forwarded this request to the proper
mailing list, and reset the Reply-to: field accordingly for your
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